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Ankle Pain Treatment in Hyderabad

Ankle areas need to be robust in all senses to perform well and to face ease in running and walking. However, if you face swelling, bruises, or any other issues in the ankle, it is best to undergo ankle treatment in Hyderabad.

Dr Karthik Sankuri, the leading foot and ankle specialist in Hyderabad, has significant knowledge of injuries to the foot and ankle joints. These include ankle joint fusion, ankle joint surgery, toe deformity correction, rheumatoid foot surgery, great toe rigidus, and mosaicplasty for talus animal tissue deficiency.

Also called Ankle Arthroscopy, the treatment involves minimum surgical procedures surgeons undertake to treat problems in the ankle joint. A tiny fibre-optic camera called an arthroscope is used in ankle arthroscopy to magnify ankle images on a video screen. Ankle arthroscopies can ease ankle discomfort and enhance overall performance. Ankle joint abnormalities can be identified and treated via arthroscopy.

Dr Karthik Sankuri is the leading foot and ankle doctor in Hyderabad, completing treatment for patients facing the problem. He deals with severe foot deformities because he is open to learning the mechanics and reasons for foot problems. Untreatable ulcers can be treated with the simplest surgery or by changing your shoes. He also excels at treating rheumatoid arthritis and diabetes-related foot problems, improving quality of life.

Foot and Ankle Surgery in Hyderabad- Let the Expert Deal with it.

Besides diagnosing the root cause of the problem in the foot and ankle, the foot and ankle specialist in Hyderabad, Dr Karthik Sankuri, will also do some repair work on damaged joint tissue. As a leading orthopaedic surgeon, he avoids large incisions that could be challenging to heal subsequently. Instead, a tiny incision is made, and the surgery is carried out by passing incredibly thin equipment through it.

How is the Procedure Done?

The examined ankle will get cleaned and sterilised before the surgery. The top orthopaedic surgeon in Nehru Enclave will choose the procedure’s suitable anaesthetic. In addition to having an IV line put in your forearm, you can also have a tube put down your throat to make it easier for you to breathe while being sedated or under anaesthesia. Additionally, the surgeon will apply a numbing substance to the ankle.

The surgeon will insert a camera and other surgical tools using tiny tubes. The arthroscopy surgeon will carefully carry out the treatment with the help of several experienced medical professionals. Throughout the procedure, the photographs will be examined, and after it is finished, the tubes, camera, and other tools will also be taken out. The incision-related wounds will be patched up and sealed. A bandage will be tightly applied to the affected area to aid in healing.

Complete Ankle Ligament Tear Treatment in Hyderabad

The ankle ligament injury treatment in Hyderabad by Dr Karthik Sankuri helps to overcome severe ankle sprain and instability. The purpose of this operation is to stabilise the ankle and stop more injuries from occurring. To determine the severity, the surgeon conducts tests and scans. You can receive treatment for the ankle ligament depending on the severity of the issue.

The procedure is carried out as a day case. Before making a larger cut, the doctor performs an ankle arthroscopy to inspect the damaged area. There is also an ankle incision created. It enables a surgeon to locate the damaged tissue close to the fibula bone and perform the operation.

Meet the Ankle Specialist in Hyderabad

Dr Karthik Sankuri, the leading ankle specialist in Hyderabad, identifies and manages all acute injuries and chronic disorders affecting the foot and ankle in children, active adults, and seniors. Before recommending an appropriate course of treatment, he examines the onset, progression, and extent of the disability. He can handle any ailment from the toes to the knee, including severe foot and ankle abnormalities, arthritis, etc.

The medical staff consists of skilled and knowledgeable physicians who emphasise holistic approaches to treating joint pain and high-quality, potent herbal remedies. Being the top foot and ankle doctor in Hyderabad, Dr Karthik Sankuri is the first choice for many patients.