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Meet the Best Elbow Surgery Doctor in Hyderabad

Rheumatoid arthritis, traumatic fractures, and other conditions are some of the reasons harming your elbow bones. The injury can occasionally be fixed surgically. However, you need a professional surgeon to undergo elbow replacement in Hyderabad, and Dr Karthik Sankuri is the best.

If the elbow bone is damaged severely, the surgeon might advise you to proceed with an elbow replacement or arthroplasty. While undergoing surgery, the surgeon will remove the damaged bone surface and cartilage and replace them with synthetic surfaces known as implants. These implants are constructed from sturdy plastic and metal. Thus, one piece is inserted into the humerus, which is the upper arm, and the other piece is inserted into the ulna, which is the forearm. A locking pin then joins these two pieces. The elbow can bend because of the resulting hinge.

If you are facing elbow pain symptoms, scheduling an appointment with the best elbow surgery doctor in Hyderabad will allow you to learn exactly what needs to be done to restore your pain-free, functional health. After your appointment, you might need diagnostic scans or tests to make a certain diagnosis. Physiotherapy, surgery, localised injections, or a mix of the foregoing are part of elbow operation in Hyderabad.

Understanding the Risk of Elbow Operation in Hyderabad

When you undergo elbow operation in Hyderabad, there is a high chance of facing infection, including-

  • Damage to nerves and blood vessels
  • Allergic reaction to the non-natural joint
  • Broken bone
  • Toughness or unsteadiness of the joint
  • Relaxation or adapting of the artificial parts.

This is why you need a professional by your side. Since elbow replacement surgery is quite complex, it must be performed by Elbow replacement surgeons in Hyderabad to provide predictable results and lower the risk of future complications and revision surgery. Dr Karthik Sankuri, as the leading elbow replacement surgery surgeon, performs elbow procedures with great success and is an expert on all elbow issues.

What to do before Elbow Replacement Surgery in Hyderabad?

Before undergoing the elbow replacement surgery in Hyderabad by Dr Karthik Sankuri, your medical history undergoes a scan. He will check your medical condition, including any allergies. Tell the surgeon about your medication and alcohol use as well. Additionally, you need to disclose any vitamins or herbal products you were using. If you smoke, you should cease before having elbow joint replacement surgery.

Get Complete Tennis Elbow Surgery in Hyderabad

If you have tennis elbow, you will need to undergo tennis elbow surgery in Hyderabad under Dr Karthik Sankuri. Physiotherapy and injectable therapy are typically two of the most preferred treatment. A tennis elbow operation is essential if the non-surgical treatment has not affected you.

Tennis elbow is an uncomfortable elbow ailment that causes discomfort outside the elbow. Although the symptoms may be linked to participating in sports, persons who don’t play sports can still experience them.

Typically, the operation entails removing aberrant scar tissue from the tendons. The surgeon may smooth out the underlying bone’s irregularity.

Elbow Joint Replacements in Hyderabad

Your elbow pain is the key driver behind having the surgery. Once you pass the surgery, you can also have more elbow movement. The best results are typically achieved by rotating the forearm, bending your elbow, and allowing your hand to reach your lips. However, it is typical to have certain restrictions on how far your elbow can be straightened after surgery.

Dr Karthik Sankuri conducts elbow stem cell therapy, tennis elbow plasma treatment, and other surgeries, depending on the problem. An increase in elbow joint replacement surgery for bone fractures near the elbow may be partially attributable to an ageing population. It’s because older persons’ bones aren’t more robust than those of younger people.

Irrespective of age, if you are facing tennis elbow or any similar pain, the best is to connect with Dr Karthik Sankuri, one of the best Elbow replacement surgeons in Hyderabad.