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Wrist Pain Treatment in Hyderabad

If you have been regularly into riding motorbikes or any hand job, at some point, you will face wrist pain. However, there are various reasons behind wrist pain. The most typical reason for wrist pain is carpal tunnel syndrome. Aside from arthritis, overuse, and repetitive stress, other causes of long-term hand and wrist pain include these. Moreover, sprains and fractures in the wrist can result from trauma and sudden injuries. In case of such an injury, wrist pain treatment in Hyderabad is the best. Dr Karthik Sankuri is the leading surgeon offering wrist surgery treatment in Hyderabad.

Our wrists are the combination of eight carpal bones and a complex network of ligaments and nerves. These eight bones support the carpal tunnel. The median nerve and tendons are both located in this tunnel.

The wrist is one of the most often injured body parts. Since they are used heavily for different purposes, including sports, there is a high chance of injury. Irrespective of the reason, treating pain in the wrist joint is essential.

Wrist Surgery in Hyderabad to treat Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

The leading cause of carpal tunnel syndrome is the critical nerve, known as the median nerve passing through this tunnel. The median nerve sensed the index, middle, and portion of the ring fingers and the palm side of the thumb. Additionally, it regulates a few little muscles at the base of the thumb. This nerve is compressed, resulting in discomfort, tingling, and numbness in the hand. The nerve may suffer lasting damage if the problem is not treated. There are different symptoms of Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, including-

  • Numbness or pain in your fingers except for the little finger
  • Pain while you are asleep as you rest your wrist under your head.
  • The sensation of an electric shock in the fingers
  • If you face these symptoms, wrist surgery in Hyderabad is the best. Connect with Dr Karthik Sankuri, who will advise you with proper care and treatment.

Common Causes of Wrist Injury

There are multiple reasons you may face wrist injury-

Broken wrists

Fractures can cause excruciating wrist discomfort. The additional symptoms may include stiffness, edoema, and loss of motion in the wrist and forearm.


Osteoarthritis is the most typical form of arthritis is wrist pain. Due to cartilage degeneration between the bones, osteoarthritis can affect the hands, wrist, and fingers, resulting in stiffness and pain. Daily activities become challenging as the hand and wrist weaken.

Night-time Hand and Wrist Pain

Osteoarthritis-related wrist pain is frequently subtle, like a small amount of irritation. Many people face wrist and hand pain during the night time.

Things you should know about Wrist Fracture Treatment in Hyderabad

When you connect with a wrist specialist like Dr Karthik Sankuri, you will have a specific process to undergo. The specialist will use an arthroscope during the surgery process.

  • An arthroscope is a tiny fibre-optic camera placed through an incision to help the surgeon to view what is wrong with your wrist joint.
  • The images are displayed on a monitor for the surgeon, who can use them to examine every tissue in the wrist. The surgeon will make the required corrections with a selection of tiny surgical tools.
  • The complexity of the issue will determine how long the process takes.
  • Following surgery, the patient will have to connect with the therapist to regain the joint’s full strength and range of motion.
  • Your doctor will advise open surgery to treat the issue if arthroscopy reveals significant damage.


Visit a Wrist Doctor in Hyderabad

As a leading wrist doctor in Hyderabad, Dr Karthik Sankuri ensures you get the best treatment. The use of cold and warm compresses, analgesic or anti-inflammatory medications, and physical therapy falls under the treatment. Injections of corticosteroids (steroids) can sometimes aid in pain relief. Surgery is recommended if the treatment doesn’t give the desired result. Connect with Dr Karthik Sankuri to get complete treatment for pain in the wrist joint.