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Get Avascular Necrosis Hip Treatment by Expert Surgeon

Feeling extreme pain in your hip while doing any activity? Has the pain increased in the recent time? It is the right time to visit the hip replacement clinic in Hyderabad and meet Dr Karthik Sankuri. During the test, if you have an avascular necrosis problem, you will be asked to undergo avascular necrosis hip treatment.

An insufficient blood supply to the bone causes a condition known as avascular necrosis, also known as osteonecrosis, which results in bone death. When there is a bone fracture or a joint dislocation that could harm neighbouring blood vessels, there may be a lack of blood flow. The two main risk factors for avascular necrosis are chronic high steroid dosage and severe alcohol use. The bone first shows little fractures that could later collapse. The hip joint is most frequently impacted. However, the knee and shoulder can also be affected.

If it’s the result of an injury, the symptoms come on suddenly. In other cases, the discomfort and stiffness could develop gradually over time. As a leading best hip replacement surgeon in Hyderabad, Dr Karthik Sankuri conducts a complete part of hip joint reconstruction surgery to overcome the problem. Avascular necrosis treatment depends on the degree of existing bone damage and tries to stop further bone loss. Early avascular necrosis stages could be reversed with conservative treatment. However, more advanced stages may call for surgical intervention.

Hip Core Depression Surgery under Expert Eyes

If there is a core depression in the hip area, the surgeon would recommend hip core depression surgery which includes drilling in the dead bone close to the joint. As a result, bone and joint deterioration are slowed or stopped, pressure is decreased, and blood flow is allowed to rise. Osteonecrosis is frequently treated with core decompression.

The core decompression and cell/bone grafting treatments provided at the hip replacement clinic in Hyderabad by Dr Karthik Sankuri can help people with stage 1 and stage 2 osteonecrosis. For 50 to 90% of patients, core decompression is often successful. Its effectiveness is influenced by a joint’s tendency to bear weight, the amount and location of bone loss there, and other elements.

Utilizing innovative imaging methods available at the clinic, Dr Sankuri will conduct an MRI of the afflicted joint before the treatment. This aids in locating the places where the dead bone needs to be removed. Removing the damaged bone encourages the growth of new, healthy bone and blood vessels.

Hip Arthroscopy Surgery in Hyderabad

A surgical technique called hip arthroscopy is performed to identify and address various issues with the hip joint. The surgeon uses an arthroscope, a small tube used for surgery. The surgeon can view the damage inside the hip joint thanks to the camera attached to the arthroscope. It is best to connect with Dr Karthik Sankuri, the hip arthroscopy specialist in Hyderabad.

Since surgical tools are also thin, they can be inserted with the arthroscope to treat the joint. If you have a disease that cannot be managed without surgery, your doctor might advise hip arthroscopy.

Have Smooth Activities after AVN Hip Surgery in Hyderabad.

Hip avascular necrosis is a disorder developed in bones with insufficient blood supply. This condition causes minute fractures in the bone, which eventually cause bone death and cause the joint to collapse. This condition frequently affects the hip and is most prevalent in people between 30 and 45. Due to the use of steroids and excessive alcohol intake, this occurs in 80% of patients.

As a part of AVN hip surgery, the surgeon would conduct X-rays, which can show bony changes, and Computed Tomography scans, creating detailed pictures and showing early changes in bone that might suggest avascular necrosis, Bone scan, etc., may be necessary to detect avascular necrosis.

Cost-Effective Hip Replacement Surgery in Hyderabad

Dr Karthik Sankuri’s Hip Replacement Surgery unit in Hyderabad offers treatment for simple to complex hip disorders involving damage to the hip joint by arthritis, accident, or other diseases. Using a minimally invasive technique and little soft tissue manipulation, a group of highly skilled orthopaedic surgeons execute various procedures, including primary hip replacements and revision hip arthroplasties.

Regarding the hip implant cost in Hyderabad, there are different procedures, each with a different price tag. The type of operation performed determines the average cost of hip replacement surgery in Hyderabad. Dr Karthik Sankuri is transparent and ensures cost-effective hip replacement surgery. Connect with Dr. Karthik Sankuri now!